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                                                                  1)Thiram 2)Carbendazim 3)mancozeb

                                                                    Applicable standard:Q/JSHS009-2002
                                                                    Pesticide registration NO:LS98574
                                                                    Pesticide producing license NO.:HNP37014-D1736
                                                                    Physical and chemical characteristic:This product is a light-brown supperfine powder, a mixture of carbendazim,Mancozeb, Thiram and assistant, with a suspension rate ≥75%.
                                                                    Toxicity:Low toxic.
                                                                    Usage:This product is a king of fungicide integarating protection with sterilization, features wide-spectrum steritization,high effet,low toxicity
                                                                  residue and strong permeability, and can effectively control pests in fruit trees, vegatables and flowers. Through fiels experiments by experts, it has been proved to be the most effective fungicide at the present use. It can be used to control many pests such as apple perennial canner, anthracnose, heart rot, early defoliation graspe spot anthracnose, anthraconse, white mold and downy mildew, and pear scab etc.
                                                                    Formulation: 50% wettable powder.
                                                                    Packing:Exterior packing is a Calcium plastic case;interior one is an Aluminium foil bag.

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