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                                                                    Applicable standard:HG2612-94
                                                                    Pesticide registration NO:LS91399
                                                                    Pesticide producing license NO.:HNP37014-A0453
                                                                    Structural formula:

                                                                    Physical and chemical characteristic:The technical product is a white crystal with a slight sulphuric odour.Its melting point is 78-79°C and specific gravity is 1.2946.Emulsion is a dark homogeneous phase liquid and easy to decomposes when meeting alkali.
                                                                    Toxicity:Acute oral LD50 17mg/kg for male rats;LD50 23.5mg/kg for female rats.
                                                                    Usage:Methomyl is a wide-spectrum pesticide of carbamate series and features a high effect and a systemic action. Through its touch-killing and gastrotoxic actions, it can be used to control various pests in cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, tobacco, grain etc. and shows excellent results for controlling cotton bollworms, apple yellow aphides, soyban pod borers, fruit tree lyonetidae, heliothis assulta guen, sugarcane aphides etc.
                                                                    Formulation:20% emulsion;95%technical product.
                                                                    Packing:Exterior packing is a Calcium plastic case;interior one is a glass or polyester bottle.

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